Recap: Movie Night

Friday night we showed the movie “665 friends”. This documentary was produced by Jonas Gernstl, who studied at the University for Television and Film Munich. The entrance fee was donated to Arche Munich Moosach.

Before the film started a psychologist gave some exciting insights into the concept of happiness. The formula “If xyz happens then I will be happy” just doesn’t work out. Mindfulness is the key. Living in the here and now, appreciating the things we have and do in the very moment, is the only way of finding fulfillment.

The producer reflected on his achievements as he just turned 30. He hasn’t reached yet what he had expected and asked himself some questions: “What do you want from life? Are you doing, what you really want to do? Are you happy?” Doesn’t have kids yet, no wealth, no career in Hollywood.

Jonas Gernst decided to visit some of his 665 Facebook friends in order to find out what their lives are about and if they are really happy. Facebook just shows the fun side of life but doesn’t allow a view behind the curtain. He wanted to see the real lives and the real people.

So we watched him visiting and interviewing about 15 Facebook friends on his humorous journey. Some friends had quit their good jobs in order to be independent. A couple was searching for fulfillment, now offering seminars in the forest and an old friend enjoyed selling jogging pants for 5000 €. We saw a nightclub owner, two cooks and a war reporter who regularly risks her life for her job. Asked if they are happy most of them replied yes.

One of his friends, a father of two kids, made the impression of being really happy. He was not searching for the sense of life anymore as he had found that in having and raising the kids.
The movie left the crowd with lots of thoughts. It was a touching documentary and everybody could extract some points to think about for him or herself.

After the movie Meredi Arakelian, the composer of the music for this film, and also one of the interviewed friends, answered questions. She gave her impression on the way the producer reflected the characters in the film. After long interview sessions Jonas Gernstl extracted the scenes which were characteristic for the particular person in his eyes. In her case it matched. In addition to that she revealed how some of the stories went on.

The great night with dinks and music ended late after some exciting exchange of thoughts and opinions initiated by this documentary. We congratulate Jonas on this great piece of work and hope to see more of that soon.

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Written by: Claudia Sawallisch

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