Recap: Future of Digitalisation

Digitalisation – the buzz word nowadays – caught the interest of many people. More than 60 guests enjoyed the evening with interesting talks and great music in a relaxing atmosphere.

We had the opportunity to listen to three great speeches on digitalisation.

Our first speaker Christoph Groß, owner of the Supply Chain Competence Center, covered the topic “Digitalisation as potential added value in a company”. Mr. Groß explained how he indicates the benefits of digitalisation for companies. By calculating costs and savings, the benefits of introducing new technical solutions in order to optimize processes, can be easily determined.

Markus Ziechaus, director of Bayern Consult GmbH in Munich, stated, that digitalisation requires new business models. He explained the changes in products and perceived values. Services like mobility are getting more important than products. Additional benefits can be generated but values can be destroyed at the same time. He emphasized, that an approach towards optimization by digitalisation only makes sense, if there is the need in the company.

Dr. Korbinian Spann, CEO of Q4 REACH LABS and member of the executive board of Innovator Space e.V. talked about digitalisation in marketing: Risks and opportunities portrayed on an example (Conversational Interfaces). In his eyes digitalisation primarily means software and innovation. Adoption is key for surviving and prospering in this changing world. Conversational interfaces – enabling the communication with machines – are becoming essential for innovation. Nevertheless, technology and software are not always successful. It is highly recommended to run tests upfront and whilst development in order to find out, if business models are likely to  succeed.

Nicolas Jacob, member of the executive board of Innovator Space e.V., spontaneously stepped on the stage and stated, that all the change needs to be done step by step. There’s no need to be afraid of loosing jobs. There’s going to be different jobs instead requiring a different qualification. More time for more qualified work will be left when the easy, boring work is done by robots for instance.

After these speeches, the guests engaged in a great discussion. The outcome of this session was, that companies have to deal with digitalisation right now. We have to be open to try out new things and should not be afraid to fail. This is the only way of making sure that our society will be prospering in the future as well.

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Written by: Claudia Sawallisch

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