Innovator Space opening event

We were so excited to host the first official event after all the hard work and efforts over the last weeks. Would it be successful? Would the many people who had signed up attend?

Even before the official start at 6.30 pm, the first guests showed up. After an hour of some warmup – talking, getting to know others and testing out the self-made bar – Vinzent, one of the initiators of Innovator Space, introduced the idea behind the project and the association, the long path on how we got to the present and the future plans.

The core idea to create a physical space for and with a network of smart, innovative minds which enables them to connect with likeminded people across all boundaries, arose a year and a half ago.

In cooperation with the Munich City Council, the concept was further developed until finally the physical space at Münchner Freiheit 7 was handed over in the beginning of January 2018. Within less than a month, a team of enthusiastic members of the newly founded association “innovator space e.V.” – all entrepreneurs from Munich and all with different backgrounds – turned a worn down place into a small marvel in the heart of München Schwabing.

Without any monetary sponsoring, the cleaning and restoration of the space as well as the rental of technical equipment like speakers, lighting and other gear was accomplished by the team itself. On top of that, all investments were paid out of the team’s own pockets.

Jürgen Enninger from the municipal cultural department, representing the 2nd mayor Josef Schmid, enthusiastically supports the project Innovator Space. He emphasized the importance and value of having such an association in Munich.
Thereafter, the core members of the Innovator Space team quickly introduced themselves, their motivation and their expectations.

Now, the most exciting part started. Guests were encouraged to leave behind the fear of approaching new people and to talk to “the unknown others” next to them. The idea was to meet new people and to find out if there are opportunities to cooperate, to realize a new project, even a dream, or just become friends. That was an unexpected advice but most people followed it with some sincere enjoyment. There was some tension in the air not knowing who the others are and what they expect to find. As the crowd was totally mixed, having different backgrounds and experience levels, interesting conversations emerged. Great music, stunning illumination, beer and wine created a great atmosphere whilst hanging out on self-made cardboard-box-seats.

Over 120 guests enjoyed interesting conversations, got inspired with new thoughts and might even have met the one or other supporter to realize their ideas for new businesses and solutions. The Innovator Space gained new enthusiastic members that all of us are excited to move forward with.

The interest in more events in and by the Innovator Space was high. We got all of us very excited!

We will follow up! This project needs great people – so join us on our journey. Sign up for our newsletter or just approach any one of us, if you have an idea which serves the purpose of Innovator Space – to connect innovative minds!

Written by: Claudia Sawallisch

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