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What - Our Goal

We want to enable innovative contributions to empower our local economy and to solve current & upcoming challenges for societies.

How - Our Mission

With events in central spaces we create a culture driven, independent & supportive platform where smart minds meet.

Why - Our Motivation

We want to keep our own & the lives of the generations to come worth living. Economical stability, social stability & environmental stability is what we consider to be the solid foundation for a future in harmony with our values.

Our Story

What we do: we create spaces where innovative folks meet and exchange

Why we do it?

Innovation is essential to overcome current and future challenges, especially if a country heavily relies on brainwork instead of natural resource. We strongly believe in we need to empower innovative startups and companies!

How we do it?

We rent spaces for periods of time in central locations with an existing culture and a connection to public transport. We want to create a special feeling at the space, comparable to a lounge for our members. To plan and host events on innovative topics (link) are our core motivation!

Our history

Founder and innovator Vinzent Ellisen planned for two years to build up a space where innovative and future-oriented people can meet in Munich. See the history of Innovator Space:

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We are an association due to our believe that “trust” is the most essential ingredient for our cause.


Being in the space should feel like your own living room – just with more friends within a supportive environment.


We are a fantastic team – all founders and all based in Munich – with passion for innovation.

Innovator space


Located in the center of “Schwabing”, only 2 min from subway, bus and tram incl. several nightlines.

Münchner Freiheit 7
80802 München

Our Topics

Here is how we want to do it

You come to the space and have a really good time! We offer a special kind of events: a short talk on a subject, a disputation, Q&A and afterwards drinks!


What is Blockchain? How does it work? How can companies apply this innovative technology?


Innovative technology in medical.

Conversational Interfaces

What are Amazon Alexa and Chatbots? How do they change the interaction with consumers?


A short talk on the future of Fintech and how it will disrupt the financial markets.


We want to discuss the potential of virtual reality with a startup

The "digital" nation

A discussion on how the state of the future could look like.

Our Events

Find a selection of our events below.

Be aware that some of our events are only visible to registered and validated community members (coming soon).


03feb10:0014:00Global Shapers (private)

10feb20:00FeaturedCarnival 2018: Innovator meets Space

21feb18:00Afterwork Stammtisch Junger Wirtschaftsbeirat


06maralldayFuture of Globalization

14mar19:00Future of Constructions (private)

15maralldayFuture of Housing / Living

20maralldayFuture of Startup Funding and Investment

21mar19:00Future of Digitalisation

26mar17:00Future of Globalization (private)


No Events

Get involved

Great results are driven by great people – so come on board!

Our Team

We are a team of founders and digital experts unified by a passion for shaping society with innovation and technology.
Vinzent Ellissen

Vorstand, Vorsitzender

Nicolas Jakob

Vorstand, Beisitzer

Markus von der Luehe
Dr. Korbinian Spann

Vorstand, Schriftführer

Julia Lehmann

Vorstand, Beisitzer

Dr. Reiner Meisinger

Vorstand, Schatzmeister

Professioneller Aufsichtsrat, ehem. Bereichsvorstand HypoVereinsbank

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Our cause depends on reliable and supportive partner.
Thanks to the “Kompetenzteam Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft München” for enabling the short term rent @ Münchner Freiheit 7.

Send us your idea

If you have an idea for an event that supports our cause, we are excited to hear about it.

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Innovator Space e.V.

Münchner Freiheit 7

80802 München


How can I engage myself with you?

You can join our events for free – you only have to register as a “friend”. If you want to engage with us on a regular basis, please sign-up as “family”.

Can an organization support your cause?

Of course you can – please send us an email and we get in touch with you immediately.

Can I also just visit your events?

Of course – if you want to have a look first, please sign-up as a “friend”.

What is my advantage of being a “friend” instead of “family”?

As a “friend”, you dont have to pay anything, you just have to sign-up. We expect you to help us with a like or if you share the events with your friends.

Why are you an association (Verein)?

We do want to build a stable and lasting team to drive innovation, beside the space and the events. This is why we founded the association to organize us the best way possible. We want to be a reliable partner for all institutions and companies.